Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The Process Take?

A normal installation requires 6-12 hours, spread over 1, 2, or 3 days, depending on the specific job and conditions.

How Soon Can I Get Back On My Floor?

In most cases, you can walk on it and start moving stuff back in the morning after we finish. We advise not to drive on it or move heavy objects onto it for 48-hours.

Can You Install My Coating In 1-Day?

It depends on the specific conditions of the job. If the conditions are right we will offer the option.If time is of the essence, and the the conditions are right for a 1-day installation, we are happy to do so. If you have the time, we recommend allowing 2-3 days depending on the size of the job and weather conditions. This allows us more time to be thorough creating a higher quality product; and to use a combination of materials – creating a stronger and longer lasting coating.

Some Companies Claim That An All Polyaspartic Floor Is Better Than An Epoxy Floor, Is This True?

Not Exactly. Just because Polyaspartic will work for every stage of the coating doesn’t make it the best choice for every stage.For instance, our Water-Based Epoxy Primer can penetrate deep into the pores of concrete, grabbing hold of it and creating a tenacious bond – making it a better choice for a Primer. Our 100% Solid Epoxy can be applied much thicker, and has more body and richer color than Polyaspartic; making it an ideal material for the basecoat. Top that off with a Polyaspartic clearcoat, and you still get all the

My Floor Has Cracks or Damage, Can You Fix It?

Yes, we will use a variety of cutting-edge materials to repair cracks and damage so they are no longer visible and making them much less likely to return.

How Do I Clean My Garage Floor Coating?

Simply Mist it with water and use a soft-foam squeegee to pull the water out. The soft-foam will take dirt, debris, and other foreign material with it.If you feel you need to use cleaning products, only use non-detergent cleaning products like Fabuloso.

Where Do You Get Your Materials?

We are a direct distributor for one of the premiere coating manufacturers in the United States.Working with the manufacturer also provides us with first-hand product and application training, tight quality control, and gives us access to the latest materials and methods.

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