Things To Consider When Deciding On A Contractor

Who will be performing the installation?

Most garage floor coating companies utilize general laborers for the installation, I personally install every coating myself.

In fact, many companies are simply a turn-key business that anyone can purchase, the owner may or may not have related experience, and they typically employ general laborers who don’t have coating experience to install your floor. I have an extensive technical background and I have personally installed hundreds of garage floors and other coatings, and I will be personally installing your coating too!

How will you prepare the surface to receive the coating?

Diamond Grinding is the preferred method in residential coatings

We use an Onfloor Planetary Grinder with Diamond Abrasives. It gently etches the surface, removing dirt, stains, oil, and other foreign material while creating the desired profile to receive the coating. We can change the abrasive to create the optimal profile, based on the individual concrete and coating type. Many contractors use a “Diamond Cup” type grinder because they are inexpensive. Diamond Cups are designed to actually cut, reduce, or reshape concrete; not for etching the surface. They can’t control the profile, they remove excessive amounts of material, and they leave swirl shaped cut-marks in the surface which may be visible after your coating is installed.

NOTE: If the surface is very uneven, a grinder will not be able to make consistent contact with the surface leaving some areas untouched. In this case, acid washing is an acceptable alternative for most garage floor coatings, and is approved by the International Concrete Repair Institute.

Where do you get your material?

Many garage floor coating products available on the market are “watered-down” or low-quality.

Professional grade coating products are not available in home improvement or paint stores. The do-it-yourself epoxy kits found in home improvement stores are typically around 40% solid epoxy, it’s part of the reason they fail so quickly.

We buy directly from the manufacturer, allowing us direct access to the highest-quality, professional and industrial grade materials available, and ensuring a high-level of quality control. We use 100% solid epoxy and the highest-quality products on the market, including Polyaspartics, Polyureas, and other Urethanes.

How Will You Repair Cracks and Seal The Joints?

Cracks and joints should be filled with elastomeric materials that will expand and contract with the concrete.

When ridged or brittle materials are used, cracks will return and new cracks and damage will occur at the joints. We only use cutting-edge elastomeric polymer materials.

How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

 In most cases, we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers defects in material and workmanship, and guarantees it won’t peel!

We guarantee our work and material for life, and we guarantee it won’t peel from things like hot tires. We CANNOT guarantee a coating against outside forces such as mechanical or chemical damage, increased vapor transmission, fires, or changes in the underlying concrete.

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